In addition to the majestic cave system, Halong Bay also attracts travelers due to its thousands of islands and islets in diverse shapes and sizes. It is estimated that around 980 out of 2,000 islands and islets were named. Interestingly, most of them were named after their shapes. When it comes to the most iconic islets in Halong Bay, locals often think about Fighting Cock Islet – a symbol of Halong Bay.

Fighting Cocks Islet is located in the southwest of Halong Bay, approximately 5km from Bai Chay Tourism Wharf. Fighting Cocks Islet includes two limestone islets in which one looks like a rooster while another has the shape of a hen. Each of these islets has a length of around 10 meters. With different imaginations, some say that these cocks are fighting, on the other hand, the others think they are kissing.

Rising from the emerald water, Fighting Cocks Islet has stood there thousands of years ago. The islet is made the symbol of not only Halong Bay but also Vietnam tourism. Hence, it has become a creative inspiration for photographers, painters, and artists.