Basic differences


When you just pick up the main destinations to stay long as Hanoi, Halong bay is considered the most popular to visit first. With one-day trip to Halong Bay, you have several options to go ahead, but to select the right one is all above priorities and it is not such an easy thing to do. Tour Operators offer lots of short packages with different cruises, but you have to be wise to select one among them. So what is the most important thing when you are cruising? It is the boat. You stay to enjoy there, have lunch there, socialize with other travelers there, take photos and the most memorable moment during this trip is to be on boat. To make you feel pampered and satisfied with things above, Alova Premium Cruise is the most convenient and latest boat meet those standard. You do not have to regret when staying on sundeck to watch other cruises.

  • Space between 2 rows of chairs: acceptable
  • Pick up time: 7h45 – 8h30 am and go with normal road with 4-hour drive/way. You will have 1 short break to stretch your legs about 25 minutes and have a cup of coffee.
  • Space between 2 rows of chairs: great
  • Luxury bus
  • Pick up time: 8h30 – 9h15 am and go with Express Way with 2.5-hour drive/way. That means you can have great breakfast without hassle then enjoy a cup of coffee to wait for our guide to pick you up.
  • Shuttle Bus (hosting 19 – 26 passengers)
  • Limousine Bus (hosting 17 passengers)
Tour guide: Wearing casual clothes, speaking English. Tour guide: Wearing uniform, speaking English.
Normal day cruises

  • Built many years ago
  • Small size boat with less space for customers
  • Not air conditioning in the restaurant in summer.
  • Not well – equipped with modern facility
  • Average quality of food & beverages
  • Sundeck with no or the least chairs for relaxing
  • Staff with no English

  • Newly built with the highest standard of safety, modern facility, decent quality of food & beverages
  • Sundeck with a lot of room and arm chairs for relaxing and well trained staff
  • A lot of space, with air  conditioning in the restaurant in summer

Coming back to Hanoi on the national way with 4,5 hours and a short break. You are in Hanoi at 21h00. We use 2 -way Express Way to save time and avoid the tourist trap, so you are in Hanoi at 20h30 for your dinner

We hope to provide you the honest information to select the right day cruise to visit Halong Bay.