Ba Hang fishing village


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Halong Bay, on Vietnam’s northeastern seacoast, is often considered one of the world’s most beautiful bays. Halong Bay is also significant for cultural and historical reasons. The bay is a home of the ancient Viet people with occupation by various cultures dating back some 18.000 years and many important cultural and many important cultural and historical relics from these peoples have been found. The fishing communities who live on the bay retain their own special culture.

The floating village is a cultural heritage and tourist attraction in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Ba Hang Fishing Village (Three Caves) is one of 4 fishing villages serving major tourist attractions in Halong Bay, located next to Thien Cung Grotto (Heaven Grotto), Dau Go Grotto… with about 50 families. Ba Hang fishing village serves major tourist attractions in Halong Bay to visit, purchase and sale of marine, kayaking service. The people here live on the raft houses located close together along the edge of the rocks island and earn their living by fishing and seafood farming. Currently, tourism also brings income for many fishermen fishing in the village.

Ba Hang Villagers have been living on fishing and providing kayaking service, rowing boats, etc. Thanks to the growth of Halong Bay’s name as a travel destination. The floating village is home to many generations and most of its residents never leave, but grow up and stay here, where they are born. Children are born and surviving by learning to swim and help their parents. Their daily lives associated with the rising and falling of the tides while being sheltered by the imposing limestones. The floating village is a true water world and villagers have a unique lifestyle.

The local villagers are the original inhabitants of Halong Bay who have lived on the sea for several generations. They have created a diverse culture of fishing and living. In the peaceful atmosphere of a fishing village, tourists will be welcomed with fresh seafood and folksong performance (in Vietnamese: “hat gheo” or “hat cheo duong”).
You could easily transfer to a floating village by cruise tour daily. On this cruise tour, you could both visiting a floating village and join activities: swimming, kayaking, diving…You should enjoy seafood to be made by local villagers or you can buy drying products and hand-made local people for friends and family.