We manage to answer the frequent asked questions so that passengers understand specifically our cruises and policy.

1. When and where was the ship built?

The ship was built in January, 2019 in Halong Shipping Yard. It is made of steel to guarantee the safety.

2. How long does the cruises travel? Can we swim and go kayaking/bamboo boat there?

We usually welcome guests aboard about 12h15 and disembark about 18h15. It travels for 6 hours. You will stop at Titov beach for swimming and trek up to the top for photos, then visit Sung Sot cave and stop at the floating house to go kayaking/bamboo boat.

3. How many passengers are there aboard?

This ship may host maximum 72 passengers, to guarantee your privacy, we only host around 50 adults aboard.

4. Is the air conditioner working aboard?

Yes, the air conditioner is on during the cruising time in restaurant. The sundeck is open for breeze and photos.

5. Can we sit in private table?

No, this is the joining tour so you will have lunch with other travelers with the table from 5 -6 people

If you would like to have private table, our surcharge is applied, please ask our authorized travel agents for more details.

6. What kind of transport do we go to Halong Bay?

You will be picked up by modern bus depending on the group size.

7. What time do you pick me up/drop me off at our hotel/stay in the Old Quarter?

We will pick you up from 8h30 to 9h15 am at your hotel/stay in the Old Quarter. We drop you off at your hotel/stay about 20h30.

8. Do we go with the new Express way to save the time and get away of tourist trap?

Yes, you will come back to Hanoi by Express way to save time.

9. Do you offer free pick up/drop off at the Old Quarter?

Yes, we do, if you stay outside the Old Quarter (4 kms far away), please advise us the location and we will apply transport fee, otherwise, you may come to our office at 20 Hang Muoi street, Hoan Kiem about 7h45 to get on bus earliest.

10. How can I book Alova Premium Cruises with the lowest price?

You may book at our authorized re-sellers or travel agents or via our website with the same pricing policy.

11. If the tour is cancelled due to weather conditions, how do I get the refund (if any)?

You will get the refund back at the place you booked the tour with the same refund policy.

12. If I am a vegetarian, could you arrange our diet menu for me?

Yes, we can. We will try to make you the most delicious vegetarian menu for you, please advise us soonest.

13. If we want to be dropped off at a different place from where you picked me up, could you do that?

Yes, however, it is Ok in the Old Quarter. If that place is outside the Old Quarter, transport charge is applied.

14. Is travel insurance included in the trip?

No, it is not included in the trip, you need to buy travel insurance when you travel to Vietnam.

15. Why do I buy the trip higher than other passengers aboard?

Sometimes we apply promotion such as “Early Bird booking”; “Last Minute booking” ; “Combo booking”” at some certain times of the year so the price may be relatively different. Book early if you would like to have sweet promotion and do not make this problem ruin your holiday.

16. Who manages Alova Premium Cruises?

Go Asia Travel company limited is owning and managing Alova Premium Cruises. A part from that, we own Wonderbay cruises, We Go Halong, Ninhbinhgetaway, Goodmorningsapa, Goodmorninghagianginn.